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When you bought your xB, whether you liked the subcompact or compact version, with the 1.5-liter, four-cylinder engine or the 2.4-liter, you wanted a five-door hatchback that was just right. One with the perfect combination of reliability, utility, and fun driving manners. Above all, you were looking for something unmistakably Scion. What you got, you've loved driving ever since.

You've taken great care of it, too. Now it's time for another project -- take care of a couple repairs, maybe, or accessorize a little. You've come to the right place for help. xB drivers prefer our online Scion store to others, actually, when it comes time to buy parts and accessories online. Not just those around Laredo, either. Elsewhere in Texas and all over the US, too.

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Top-quality OEM parts. Genuine Scion accessories. We've got everything you've been looking for. For any model year -- the inaugural 2004, the popular 2011, the ultimate 2015, you name it. And with a fitment guarantee, no guesswork needed. All you have to do is start browsing -- what's compatible will show up.

Our prices are affordable, too -- better than those at most Toyota dealers (the few that still sell Scion parts). You'll pay less than MSRP, usually. You can even get a steep markdown on top of that sometimes -- up to 35% off. Your xB deserves the best, so you should get it, without having to pay a premium. Check out the savings for yourself.

Above all, though, we take care of our customers. You're buying OEM accessories and parts, after all -- materials and workmanship should be top-notch. So, you won't have worry about any defects: you'll get a manufacturer warranty to cover them. Getting replacement parts for common xB problems -- engine and AC parts, piston rings and other oil system parts, even brake pads and shims -- that can cost you. Here, it's an investment. With support like this? You're making the right decision.

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