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Toyota of Laredo is part of the Powell Watson Motor Family. Powell Watson Motors Inc. was founded in 1956 by W.R.(Bill) Powell Jr. and Horace E Watson Jr. Franchises owned at founding were Oldsmobile, Cadillac and GMC Trucks. The original location was on the block now occupied by the downtown location of The Laredo National Bank.

Original Location

The former Jack Guerra Motor Co was purchased by W.R.Powell Jr.and his partners, forming Mims-Powell Motor Co. Horace E Watson Jr bought out Mims and Pena Forming Powell Watson Motor Inc. The dealership then moved to the corner of Washington and Covent. It acquired the Studebaker franchise During the period, a new owner, Jimmy Jones, joined the organization. Studebaker stopped production several years later.

Becoming Texas Oldest Toyota Dealership

In 1966, the Toyota franchise was acquired. The dealership remained at the downtown location until 1974. This makes Toyota of Laredo Texas Oldest Toyota dealership. Giving excellent customer service to South Texas for over 50 Years!

Our Commitment

We strive to listen to our customers wants and needs and get them the exact parts they need. Whether you're looking for a repair part or parts for a restoration, you can be in-control as you use the shopping tools on this website to find the parts you want! For Toyota and Scion models, we have the parts that are right for you!

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